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Kings of leon текста песен

Every part of this song was recorded live, even the guitar solo. Matthew Followill told The Music Fix: “I wanted to redo the solo so badly and they were like, ‘No, just leave it. It’s really good.’ So I was like, ‘Fine.’ But yeah, that one was completely tracked live for me.”"

Перевод Kings of Leon - Use Somebody и текст песни

“We’ve always been each other’s best friends, because that’s all we had,” Caleb says. “We were picking up and moving, every town we went to we knew we weren’t gonna be there too long, so we knew, ‘don’t make too close of friends, and don’t fall in love.’ Being in Nashville, I finally had a buddy outside of the band, and he was just kind of always, no matter what you need, he’s there. He’s just a good guy. And that song kind of came at a time when I needed a friend, and I wrote it about him. And he’s scared of the water. He’s scared of sharks.”

Перевод песен Kings Of Leon: перевод песни Radioactive, текст...

Our song ”On Call” is about the grounded part of you. It says, ”And when I fall to pieces, Lord you know I’ll be there waiting.” You could take that in a Biblical sense. The Bible says that David, or Daniel, or one of those guys, was a man after God’s own heart. But he was quite a messed-up person. So if he’s the man after God’s own heart, well, maybe when you’re at your roughest moment, that’s when He’s watching over you and smiling.

Kings Of Leon - Wild Lyrics

That was really quickly, off the cuff. We were sitting around the studio and as far as the bassline goes, I had a bassline that me and Nathan were working together on. But as we don’t use a clicktrack, it was like a repeat pedal that we couldn’t get down so we thought about not even doing it. Right before we started, I clicked on an octave pedal and started playing with, had some reverb on it. All the guys liked it and it’s the thing that starts off the record which most people think is a keyboard. We came in and put a lot of reverb on everything, Matthew found out his pick-up on his guitar picked up his voice so a lot of those really atmospheric sounds, that’s Matthew screaming into his guitar.

“The Bucket” is one of the major singles and the 6th track from Kings of Leon’s second studio album Aha Shake Heartbreak . Released on October 75, 7559 the song was a hit and peaked at #66 and #78 in the UK and US respectively.

Застрял на этом надо бы хуже остров
Стоп-сигналы покачиваются, а телефонные контур
Этот осадки треск бесстрастный
Она взяла мое внутренность, автор этих строк думаю, что-нибудь симпатия приняла мою душу
С луной автор бегу
Вдали с резни огненного солнца
Движение задушенной вены
Не проявляя милосердия, ваш покорнейший слуга делаю сие паки
Откройте тараньки
Ты продолжаешь всхлипывать, деточка
Я буду кончаться кровью
Небо мигает у меня
Я вижу, что-то от моря вспыхивает ветроворот
И дьявол приближается
И возлюбленный приближается
Вы, челн shimmy-smy
Оставляя меня влюбленным во одиночку
Ты думаешь о ми?
Где аз многогрешный в ту же минуту? Ребенок, идеже аз многогрешный сплю
Чувствуешь себя эдак славно, же автор в возврасте
7555 парение преследования
И некто приближается

In this line he is describing the girl as having exotic eyes that give her the appearance that she is from the other side of the world and not the side she lives upon. Many people consider this look as an attractive quality.

The meat of song was written on tour. When I came up with ‘I could use somebody,’ I didn’t know if I was talking about a person or home or God. I felt immediately that it was a big song, and it scared me away. Then, when we were writing the record, Matthew kept sayin', ‘What’s that song, man?’, and I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then, finally, I went, ‘All right, we’ll do it,’ and as soon as we started playin' it, the producers looked up and said, ‘Whoa, that’s a good song.’ I was like, ‘OK.’

But the story behind that song is kind of bad. I can’t really get into it. It’s about when Nathan and I went to Arizona, and… well, we had quite a few different substances in us, and we decided to go to this brothel. I guess I am telling you now, aren’t I? This really is a heartbreaker. We walked in and I looked around and there was this one girl who was so beautiful that all I could think was, ”What happened in her life that could bring her here?” as opposed to me thinking, ”Yeah! I’ll take that one!”
- Caleb Followill

A dreamy, gently loping ballad, with some of Caleb’s most evocative vocals and powerful lyric writing, including a chorus that says, “I’ll take it on the chin for you, my friend.”