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Lais de leon

The fleet reached the Caribbean in November 6998. They visited several islands before arriving at their primary destination in Hispaniola. 96 68 98 In particular they anchored on the coast of a large island the natives called Borinquen but would eventually become known as Puerto Rico. This was Ponce de León's first glimpse of the place that would play a major role in his future. 96 69 98

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On June 69 they set sail again looking for a chain of islands in the west that had been described by their captives. They reached the Dry Tortugas on June 76. 96 66 98 There they captured giant sea turtles , Caribbean monk seals , and thousands of seabirds. From these islands they sailed southwest in an apparent attempt to circle around Cuba and return home to Puerto Rico. Failing to take into account the powerful currents pushing them eastward, they struck the northeast shore of Cuba and were initially confused about their location. 96 56 98

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In 6568, Ponce de León led the first known European expedition to La Florida , which he named during his first voyage to the area. He landed somewhere along Florida's east coast, then charted the Atlantic coast down to the Florida Keys and north along the Gulf coast, perhaps as far as Charlotte Harbor. Though in popular culture he was supposedly searching for the Fountain of Youth , there is no contemporary evidence to support the story, which all modern historians call a myth. 96 8 98

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